The Shinsokai () is a very small group of Karate enthusiasts who practice and study Okinawa Goju-Ryu as it was passed on by Miyazato Eiichi Sensei (1922-1999), a lifelong student of Miyagi Chojun Sensei (1888-1953), the founder of the system. The head of the group is Richard Barrett Sensei who studied Karate-do under Miyazato Sensei from 1985 until his teacher's death.

Shinsokai students strive to pursue Karate-do as the martial way (Budo) it is meant to be, as opposed to the sports or recreational activity commonly found in modern commercial clubs. By facing the challenges presented by traditional Karate-do training, students have the chance to get to know themselves better, discover their weaknesses, and then strive to overcome them through determined effort. Thus, Shinsokai students aim to cultivate the character, strengthen the body, and develop self-defense skills to avoid or escape from potentially dangerous situations.

In the Shinsokai, teaching is personal, for every student is a unique individual with their own experience, strengths and shortcomings. Rather than just drilling the students and giving all the answers away, the sensei helps them to discover Karate by themselves, providing guidance and teaching by example. Students are expected to take responsibility for their Karate and are encouraged to make it part of their everyday lives, using Karate-do as a means to achieve a well-balanced and contented life, for that is where the true value of Karate-do lies.

Move towards good with swiftness, like that of the wind.
Correct your faults with fierceness, like that of thunder.

Dojo Kun

Dojo Kun
  • Hitotsu. Kenkyo ni shite reigi o omon zeyo.

    First. Be humble and polite.

  • Hitotsu. Tairyoku ni oujite tekido ni shugyo o seyo.

    First. Train considering your physical strength.

  • Hitotsu. Shinken ni kufu kenkyo seyo.

    First. Practice earnestly and with creativity.

  • Hitotsu. Heisei chinchaku ni shite binsho jizai nare.

    First. Be calm in mind and swift in action.

  • Hitotsu. Sessei o omon zeyo.

    First. Take care of your health.

  • Hitotsu. Shiso na seikatsu o seyo.

    First. Live a plain life.

  • Hitostu. Manshin senu koto.

    First. Do not be too proud of yourself.

  • Hitotsu. Shinamazu kusezu shugyo o eizoku seyo.

    First. Continue your training with patience.

“No matter how you may excel in the art of Karate, and in your scholastic endeavors,
nothing is more important than your behavior and your humanity as observed in daily life.”